Sohan Dudala, PhD

Fields of Interest: Microfluidics, Bio-MEMS, Systems Integration

Research Areas: Miniaturized Bio/Bio-chemical Sensors & Systems, Microfluidic Cell Culture Platforms, Electrochemical Sensors


Ph.D. (Electrical & Electronics Engineering)-Aug 2019 to Jun 2023 (Submitted: Nov 2022, Defended: Jun 2023)

M.E. (Mechanical Engineering)-Aug 2017 to Jul 2019

B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering)-Aug 2012 to May 2016

Extra Credit Program

Special Auditing Student, Hiroshima University-June 2019 to July 2019

International Linkage Degree Program (ILDP) & Sakura Science Program (SSP) 2019


Licenses & Certifications

Awards & Recognitions


Key Research Experiences

Microfluidics-Enabled Systems for Cardiac Cell Culture & Associated Biosensing 

Microfluidics-Based Point of Source Integrated System for Nitrite


Evaluation of Shipbuilding Materials under Slow Strain Rate



1. Microfluidics Based Integrated System for Nitrite and Nitrate Detection and Analysis

Pending (Filed)

1. Fluid Management and Visualization Platform for Incubatorbased Cell Culture Applications



2. S. Goel & S. Dudala, "3D Printed Smart Sensors and Energy Harvesting Devices: Concepts, Fabrication and Applications", Institute of Physics (IoP) Publishing, ISBN 9780750353496, 2024 (expected). 

1. S. Goel & S. Dudala, "Droplet and Digital Microfluidics: Ideation to implementation", Elsevier, ISBN 9780443154171, April 2024.

Book Chapters

2. S. Dudala and S. Goel, “Digital Microfluidics,” in Droplet and Digital Microfluidics: Ideation to implementation, First., S. Dudala and S. Goel, Eds., Elsevier, 2024.

1. S. Dudala and S. Goel, “3D Printing: Challenges and Future Opportunities,” in 3D Printed Smart Sensors and Energy Harvesting Devices Concepts, Fabrication and Applications, S. Dudala and S. Goel, Eds., Institute of Physics Publishing, 2024 (Expected).

Journal Publications 

11. J. M. Mohan, S. Dudala, K. Amreen, A. Javed, S. K. Dubey & S. Goel, “Microfluidic Device Integrated with PDMS Microchannel and unmodified ITO glass Electrodes for Highly Sensitive, Specific and Point-of Care Detection of Copper and Mercury, IEEE Trans. Nanobioscience, 2023 (Early Access), doi: 10.1109/TNB.2023.3241827.

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Conference Presentations & Publications

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